School Residencies

Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program offers the unique opportunity for schools and community centers to share in Batoto Yetu’s success. Interdisciplinary by design, our program forges links among social studies, language arts, natural science, mathematics and the performing arts. This interdisciplinary approach supports important developmental objectives while focusing on a keen awareness of African culture and its heritage through African dance, music, and storytelling.

By participating in this residency, students will:

  • Discover a new capacity for achievement and self-expression in themselves through their active engagement in learning
  • Recognize the rich history and culture of Africa and its role in shaping many aspects of life in the Americas
  • Understand African dance as an art form and be able to respond critically to it within the context of performing arts and across disciplines.

The suggested duration of our residencies is 20 weeks, with 45-minute sessions per week. We also commonly offer two-week intensives that provide daily one-hour sessions.

Residencies typically conclude with a school performance.

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