Michael Palma Mir SHCMAS Batoto Yetu 026

Pre-professional training in African dance is held on Saturdays at the Wadleigh School in Harlem (215 W 114th St.) All are welcome! Starting January 14th, adult open classes will start at 9:00am. Youth classes begin promptly at 10:00am.

Please feel free to come and watch one of our Saturday sessions. Our calendar for 2017, noting holidays and other recesses, will be posted here in the coming days. Please check back soon.

About our classes
Our dance classes and performance rehearsals are part of a rigorous program modeled on the training of professional dancers. Professional and experienced dance instructors and musicians lead all classes.

This program promotes cultural appreciation and productive work and study habits while celebrating the exhilarating music and choreography of African dance.

The cost to register is $125 for the year for one child and $100 per child for more than one child. To registerr, please download the registration packet and bring the completed forms with you to class.


Questions? Contact Erica Layne: